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Setting up a home studio
Written by waist_it0 comments • Read 33 times • 3 minute read

[b]When we moved house a few years back, one of the most significant part of our specification was a property with a rectangular downstairs room, with no internal obstructions, roughly 6.0m x 4.0m, c/w a cloakroom on the same floor with loo, hot+cold water, basin and sufficient room for models to change reasonably comfortably. I based my studio size requirement thus...[/b] - Absolute minimum 5.0m x 3.0m (Calculation basis: paper rolls are 2.72m wide; camera needs 3.0m from model; model needs to 1.0 from backdrop; backdrop will be offset from wall and I need to get behind..

How to Choose the Perfect Dress for Your Body Type

Looking gorgeous in a dress has nothing to do with the size of your body – it’s all to do with the shape. Whether you’re petite or plus-sized, knowing your body type is absolute key to choosing a dress which accentuates all your best features, hides all your flaws and makes you look absolutely perfect. Sadly, many women aren’t too sure how to best dress for their body type. Some even believe that in order to look good in dress, you need to be tall and slim – which is completely untrue. We’re here to tell you exactly how anybody..

Miss Marples Guide to Gawping
Written by 165429 • 0 comments • Read 469 times • 3 minute read

I've yet to speak to a model or a photographer, who has not ever cringed at gawping activity related to model photography. Whether it be gawping in their general direction, or a hang your head in shame out of embarrassment for the third party.. We all know of at least one red faced moment. The question therefore has to be, how not to be a gawper? Am I gawping right now? If you're having to ask yourself whether you are indeed a gawper or not, read on my fellow members.. So this..

Things to Think About Before You Shoot
Written by 165429 • 0 comments • Read 267 times • 8 minute read

Some may believe that all photographers are over the hill gentlemen in big rain coats, and only there for one thing, and one thing only. If you get passed this generalisation of all the sites, you will find there is both female and male photographers, of all ages on here, from all walks of life. All with different photographic experience, and all with different approaches to shoots, interactions and the such. The same as females are not the only models, and there are different levels to the shoots available and published. Stepping back a bit, to 'Before..

Every model has a USP
Written by 165429 • 0 comments • Read 433 times • 5 minute read

Yep, you've read right. Every model has a USP. So what is a USP, how to find yours, and how to use... Let's start with the positive affirmation, that will make some photographers cringe - [b] Every person can model. [/b] I am currently expecting a barrage of photographers to my inbox for even suggesting such a barbarous idea. But it's there, and I've said it. There is a market for all shapes, sizes, heights, male and female, all levels, genres and hair colour. All ages, eye colour,..

Casting call etiquette
Written by 165429 • 1 comments • Read 664 times • 5 minute read

Put up a casting, wait for the overfilled inbox of paid shoot offers? Sit back and relax, and rake in the fortunes of the internet modelling world? Didn't think so. So here we will take a look into the castings area, and some casting etiquette that may help with your future castings. [b] What are castings for? [/b] Well, that depends on who you talk to on these modelling sites. Some will say a way to help fill those free spaces. Some will use..

Getting ready for the shoot
Written by 165429 • 0 comments • Read 389 times • 4 minute read

You've already checked out the photographer and their profiles before you said yes. (Recommended article - 'Before saying yes to a shoot'.) Having sent the photographer your reply, got the date arranged, and swapped contact details, it's now time to get ready for your shoot. How much or how little you need to do to get ready for a shoot will depend on the shoot itself, your own style, and the levels worked on shoot. If you know the shoot is going to be..

Before saying Yes to a shoot
Written by 165429 • 16 comments • Read 1141 times • 5 minute read

Did you just jump up and down at your first (or latest) shoot offer? How quickly did you respond with 'Yes!' to the lovely photographer? Of course getting shoot offers is flattering, and it's what we are using the sites for. It could mean more or better quality images for you, or simply some more cash as soon as possible. But before you replied with a 'Yes, and when?' message, did you look at who you would be working with? ..

Websites from the very beginning
Written by Norfolk_Birdman_NBM6 comments • Read 4165 times • 9 minute read

Hi, I want to pass some knowledge on, hopefully help someone, in the often scary and unknown world of websites. In case your wondering, who I am, I or what could I possibly know, let me start by saying, I built and ensured my website stayed not only on Page one of Google, but on every possible Page of Google, for any keyword related to clothing for 5 years. Just check Google now for sexy lingerie and you will see it return 80,800,000 results.... Now imagine having a website at number 1,..

Does it really matter if I do not turn up for A TF shoot
Written by GlenG • 31 comments • Read 3812 times • 2 minute read

Many photographers and models will have at some point in their adventures arranged a TF shoot and for a variety of reasons one or the other fails to show up on the day. Does this really matter that much? After all, no one has been paid, there are no costs and no one is out of pocket are they? Well, if this is what you think I would urge you to think again! It’s correct that in the true sense of the term no money changes hands between contributors on a TF..

The ideal model
Written by GlenG • 13 comments • Read 3174 times • 4 minute read

After various experiences behind the camera I thought I would share my ideas on the ideal model and maybe this will be receiprocated by a model with his/her ideas on the 'ideal photographer' or MUA/stylist. Most of my experience with models has been top notch, but there are others that do amuse me. My ideal model should, in the first instance, be able to communicate, preferably in words of more than one syllable and be able to articulate what they actually want to achieve from a shoot rather than "I dunno" or "it's up to you"..

Its all in the face

Each and every day I see modelling photos of aspiring, potentially great, models but there is something missing; something that prevents them from taking that next step up, from being good to great. But what is it? It's their facial expression. A models job is to connect with the viewer, to assist in the narrative and how can this possibly be done with an expressionless face? Take a look at some of the greats, or any of the pros, you’ll never find a photo with an emotionless face: Tyra Banks: Read the full article

Underage Photography and Modelling
Written by 699493 • 9 comments • Read 7250 times • 2 minute read

This maybe one of the first things that gets pushed to one side is the age of a model. Certain types of photography with under 18s is against the law and the photographer could face being arrested and getting a record. This would be called as Sex Offence against a minor. All though the age of consent is 16 the under 18 year old is still classed as a minor. [b]Section 45 of the Sex Offences Act 2003 amended S.1. Protection of Children Act (POCA) 1978 in May 2004 by raising the age of a ‘child’ from..

Marketing and promoting yourself as a model
Written by Emi Rose0 comments • Read 3891 times • 4 minute read

You've taken on some TFP shoots, you've created your portfolio, you've decided you'd like to take the freelance route into modelling..and now you want people to notice you, right? You need to sell yourself and make sure as many people in the industry as possible see your work and notice you. Just like businesses market there products, you need to market yourself, after all in this industry YOU are the product. In this article, I'm going to describe and guide you through some marketing/promotional techniques. Although these are probably..

Your rates and when to charge

Whether you're a model or a photographer, knowing what to charge and when to charge can be a very difficult and somewhat daunting decision. You don't want to price yourself too low, but you also don't want to overprice yourself, especially if you lack experience. Photographers often have thousands of pounds invested in cameras, lenses, flash gear and software, whilst a model, it's just "them". So, clearly, it's the photographer who should be charging... right? But the model is often the subject of the photo, no model = no photo, so the model should be charging..

Becoming a Model

I've been a photographer for several years, helping models start off from complete novices to becoming confident in front of the camera, and developing their talent - so here is a very basic outline as to what is involved in becoming a model. The reality is harsh, and you are going to have to learn to take rejection and criticism as if it is second nature, if you honestly think you can take that, then you have taken your first step. The next thing to remember is, as a new or aspiring model you have no..

The Model

Every model is different; every model has their own quality their own style and their own signature look. What you have to do is develop this look and work on it so you can produce that time and time again, whilst still looking fresh. It is a myth that models have to beautiful. Hard to believe but it is true the world of beauty pageants and modeling are about as far apart as you can get. What most photographers and clients are looking for are models that are adaptable that when they are dressed in a..

Your Modeling Genre

To make it in modeling the first thing you have to do is realise your own identity. Knowing what genre or variety of modeling you wish to do is very important, you can not possibly do everything. So choose what you want to do and aim for that, become as best as you can within that category. However there are certain things you have to remember and these are very important to consider when choosing your categories. Firstly. Some genres of modeling just will not suit you, you might be too short, you might be too..

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