Work safe mode

What is work safe mode?

On MadcowModels, you can turn the Work Safe Mode on and off, via the little switch located at the bottom right of the footer.
Work Safe Mode prevents any nudity from displaying, and it prevents you from being able to see adult castings.

How do you remember whether I have work safe mode on or not?

We save whether you're on work safe mode in a cookie, which is computer specific. So, that means you can have Work Safe Mode turnt on in the office, whilst having it turnt off at home.

What if I see nudity with Safe Mode on?

With thousands of photos online, some may occasionally slip through the net, so if you see a photo that contains nudity and you have safe mode on simply email us via the contact form, or alternatively, the photo pages have a "Report Image" button located in the bottom right of the page where you can let us know that a photo has been shown inappropriately.
We will then recategorise the photo ASAP.

I'm under 18, why can't I turn safe mode off?

If you're a member under the age of 18, you will not be able to turn Work Safe Mode off, to prevent you from being able to view adult rated jobs, view photos with mature content, or upload a photo in an adult rated category.

But, I'm not under 18..

Then you've probably set your date of birth wrong. Contact us and we can help.

Turn work safe mode on

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