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artist looking for model
Posted 2017-01-11T15:01:41+00:00
The casting date is 22-01-2017

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This casting involves the following levels: Body Parts, Erotic, Classic & Artistic Nude


I hardly do any bodycasting these days and so I have bodycasting materials sitting round simply taking up space. I would therefore like to use up my current stock of material.  If there are any models out there who would like to have a bodycast done for free then please get in touch. All you have to do is model for the cast then take it away when its complete! This is purely collaborative with no payment either way ... bodycasting TF! smile .

For anyone who hasn't heard of bodycasting (sometimes called lifecasting) but wants to know what it is then a search on line will bring up plenty of videos and websites. Briefly it is the process of creating a lifelike copy of part of the human body (or even a whole human body) in a medium such as plaster by first making a mould directly from a person.

There are samples of bodycasts that I have done on my potrfolio but I am happy to provide further examples via email for anyone interested. I can also provide a more detailed explanation of the process via email and a copy of the bodycasting agreement that I use.

Ideally I would like to:
(a) do the bodycasting in the week 22nd January to Friday 27th January 2017
(b) do it at my place so that I can have equipment set up ready
(c) do relatively small, straightforward casts - hands, feet, face, genitals, chests, bottoms. A front torso at a push!
(d) have little or no post-production requirements (framing/mounting).

The items "a" to "d" should facilitate quick completion of the cast so that the model can take it away immediately. If you are very interested in having a cast done but one or more of these items presents a problem then don't be afraid to get in touch anyway and discuss things. I am happy to answer questions or listen to suggestions for casts that you might want doing.

Best wishes

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