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E5, E05 or E-5 may refer to:

E5 fuel, a mixture of 5% ethanol and 95% gasolineIn transportation:

E5 Series Shinkansen, a Japanese high-speed train
EMD E5, an American diesel locomotive
European route E05, a road in the international E-road network
E5 European long distance path, a European long-distance walking route
London Buses route E5, a Transport for London contracted bus route
LB&SCR E5 class, a British steam locomotive
Samara Airlines, by IATA code
Hokkaido Jukan expressways (a combination of Hakodate Shindo, Hokkaido Expressway, Nayoro-Bifuka Road, Otoineppu Bypass, Horotomi Bypass and Toyotomi Bypass), route E5 in Japan
Shah Alam Expressway, route E5 in Malaysia.In telecommunication:

Nokia E5, a smartphone
Samsung Galaxy E5, a smartphone
Huawei E5, a series of mobile WiFi devices
E5, a postcode district in the E postcode areaIn sports:

Earl Clark (born 1988), forward for the University of Louisville men's basketball team
E5 grade, of difficulty in rock climbingIn military:

E-5 (rank), a military pay grade in the United States
E5, a German World War II tank version in the Entwicklung series
HMS E5, a 1911 Royal Navy submarine
Windecker E-5, an American experimental stealth aircraft of the 1970sIn medicine:

E05: Hyperthyroidism, ICD-10 code
E5, a codename for edobacomabIn other uses:

E5 (EP), an album by Ivy Queen
E5 polytope, in geometry
Honda E5, one of the predecessors of ASIMO robot
E5 screw, a type of Edison screw
Olympus E-5, a DSLR camera

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