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Carlisle, Cumbria

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The studio is small being a converted bedroom in my
home measuring approx. 4.56m x 2.7m. It has a large window 250cm x 90cm which
is 128cm from the floor and 155cm from the main backdrop wall

The studio now has both white & black backdrops.

I can shoot an 183cm tall model around 122cm from the

Tea, Coffee plus biscuits are provided free.

I will always be on hand but don??t have to be in the
room & any advice I can give is free.


Studio Hire prices 


 Weekdays £6 per
hour minimum hire 2 hours. 4 hours £20.

Weekends £7 per hour minimum hire 2 hours 4 hours £25.

There is also a bedroom & small but modern bathroom
available for an additional £2 per hour each or part thereof images on request.


Studio Equipment

New Amazon Echo.  

3. 300 watt studio strobes + stands

1. 250 watt studio strobe + stand

2 125  watt  5500K continuous lights with 70cm x50 Softboxes

plus triggers & a Sekonic light meter


3. Speedlights

1. 7in Standard Reflector
Diffuser Lamp Shade Dish with 60° Honeycomb Grid & 18.5cm Diffuser Plate

2. 70cm X 50 Softboxes

1. 90cm x 23 Softbox c/w honeycomb grid

1. 105cm Shoot through umbrella brolly box

1. 105cm Reflector umbrella brolly box

1. 60cm Octibox

1, set of barn doors

1, 42cm Beauty dish with Honeycomb & white

1, Tripod with quick release

1, 120cm x 90 4-way reflector

1,142cm x 33 freestanding mirror


Limited props available
include a pair of wooden steps painted black, with white rope, a large beanbag,
a solid build low table & a black full-length freestanding mirror.


Notice to models


You will be pleased
to hear its warm & you have use of a bedroom as a changing room plus the
shower in the bathroom, large bath sheet provided.




Phone 07928 525289  



Owned  & run
by Amcamman

This is a hobby and as such is reflected by the pricing.









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