Duxford Studio - Aerial Silks & Hoop, Dance/gymnastics, Art Nude

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Model looking for Photographer
Model requests payment
Posted 2012-11-06T12:05:34+00:00

5 or more photographers required

Casting Detail

I will be at Blackbarn studio in Duxford on the 25th November and the 9th December.

The studio offers a huge white background which can also be turned dark as well as fantastic height for aerial skills including my blue/red/white silks (in any combination of 1-3 colours) and an aerial hoop (think cirque de soliel). It also has fantastic lighting equipment.

Implied nude
Artistic nude
Gymnastics movements and jumps/leaps
Dance movements and jumps/leaps
Aerial silks
Aerial hoop

Fashion wear
Long flowing materials
Rhythmic gymnastics ribbons
Tutus (white and black)
Gymnastics leotards
Full bodied 'catsuit' type leotard x2
Ballet leotards
See-through dance style leotard
Pointe shoes
Ballet tights
Long floaty skirts
& anything else that fits in the suitcase!

£55/hr, inclusive of studio, lighting equipment hire, the model (me), and a professional rigger for the aerial work!

Slots as follows:

You are welcome to book more than one slot for a 4, 6 or 8 hour booking, but I will still use the 30 min gaps as breaks to ensure I am well hydrated and rested as aerial work is a very strenuous activity.

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