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The MadcowModels Help Centre is largely community driven, and was created to help you in your modeling or photographic career.

What is MadcowModels? is a community built up of over (and growing..!) models, photographers, studios, make up artist's, clients, agencies from all over the UK. Everyone from the complete newcomer to the most experienced professional is welcomed with open arms on Madcowmodels.

Constantly growing, constantly updating and improving, we strive to provide the best experience for our members, allowing them to focus on their networking and career within the industry.

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Profiles: We provide free profile hosting to all of our members, with the option to pay to upgrade to gain access to certain features on the site, and remove certain limits that are imposed on free profiles.
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The Forums: Check out our forums for advice, portfolio reviews and analysis, casting threads and much more!

Castings & postings board: Looking for work? Whether you're a model, photographer, MUA, agency or client, there'll be something for you on the castings board.
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Articles: Members can submit their own articles to Madcowmodels, and once past screening, will appear in our articles section.
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Where is the unblock option
What settings do i need to change to view all images of a model and how?
PCMachin Hi - Are you looking to view all of the images they've uploaded, or they've been tagged in?
HEY I JUST WANT TO CHANGE MY PROFILE NAME TO Lau Melissa as this is my actual modelling name
LAura Sure - you can do that by going to You > Settings > Username options :)
Shared folder
How do you report a member? Someone is using an image of me they didn't take.
Artemis Hi - you can do that by going to their profile and clicking "Report Member" at the bottom right, or alternatively, you can click the "Report Images" links on the image itself.
Does anyone know how to ammend a reference posted on someone's feedback. Thank you
MollyM You can update feedback within 24 hours of it being left by clicking the "Edit Feedback" link above the feedback you've left
Hi how do i change the image used when i email and post?
Good morning, could you please rethink about where you display the layout for your icons on the left side of the screen. (Facebook link etc) They are not in a user friendly places and block other links. I mainly use my phone and small laptop so the the lay out of the website is not user friendly for those.
Cant see comment left on my casting????
How do I clear in box tab showing on every screen on ipad
What home page star?
Change profile type
Bearshotz Sure - if you'd like to change your profile type, shoot me a message with what you'd like to change it to, and I can get that sorted for you.
There doesn't seem to be a place to do that. I can read other peoples feedback but I cant find a place to add mine?
larryross It should be at the very bottom of the page :)
Thank you James, Merry Christmas
Hi everyone. Where do I go on here to leave positive feedback about a model please?
larryross You can leave feedback on her profile by going on the feedback tab of her profile, and then scrolling down to the bottom :)
larryross Hi - you can comment on their page itself
Bearshotz Hi - I'm afraid we don't support profile comments, as we feel that a profile should be a representation of that member themself :)
Hi, how do I delete my profile photo?
edit history · 2015-12-17Report
Lukasz Hi - to delete it you'd need to change it. You can change that by going to You > Your control panel > Photo Manager > Click the image you want as your profile photo > Click "Make this my profile photo" > Update
Hi there! How do I change my profile picture?
Nelly_MasNova Hi - you can change that by going to You > Your control panel > Photo Manager > Click the image you want as your profile photo > Click "Make this my profile photo" > Update
How do I edit the information I put with a photo once I have posted it?.
Bernard_Lynch Hi - you can do that by going to You > Your control panel > Photo Manager
How do i change profile picture
Totally new to this site. How can I see who's viewed my profile, many thanks
I cannot turn photos which are shown on their side when viewed. The on line instructions to turn do not seem to result in image being turned! Help please.
Morning can someone tell me how I can make my profile private from the public ?
John J liked this 2015-10-18Report
beccyamy ... I have the same question. How can I hide my profile from the general public, and from search engines. I'm not professional and I want to keep this as a private hobby. Thanks.
What I can do If someone put a lie in comment???
@madllen You can report the comment and/or user to James
Hi can anyone help me i have been trying to upload a image tonight and it will not let me they are JPG
How do you delete photographs cannot seem to see a way?
StudioMod liked this 2015-08-25Report
MaxC Hi - you can do that by going to You > Your control panel > Photo Manager > Delete Photos

James Thanks
Can you please tell me how can I change my email address?
Scottie Hi - Sure, you can do that by going to You > Your control panel > options

How do I change the display name on my profile?
MissStorm Sure - you can do that by going to You > Your control panel > Options > Scroll down to Username change
How do I deactivate this account?
EastSussexTog Hi - if you wish to deactivate your account, you can do so by going to You > Options > Deactivate > Deactivate Account.

Hi can anybody help how do i reply to messages that need a response box as it wont let me read them and reply ?
@sexy_saffire Hi - I'll message you directly to try and work out whats happening.

Hi James, Looking to upgrade via Bank transfer. How is it done please?
bozeat1 Hi - if you'd like to upgrade via bank transfer still, please message me and I will pass on the relevant information.

Hi james yes and when i click on it it comes up blank ?
Hi can anybody help me how do i respond to the messages that are requiring a response ? i have tried and when i click on therm it wont let me do anything ?
@sexy_saffire Hi - Can you see a little link on the message that says "Open Message" ?
Hello, the casting location still doesnt work... finding this rather fustrating any help would be most appricated.
Kind Regards

How can I change my e-mail
Hi James, when i try to add a casting location it dissapears when I post it. Could you help please? Not sure if its a problem with the site or me? Many thanks Daisy
Hey James! Are we able to change our username?
Need advice please James ,had my first shoot last week and was promised photos and feed back ...not a thing just a snotty message from him
Hi James, my 'who viewed you' seems to have ceased. I did read that members will only appear once however as am a newbie and I had more profile view on 1 day than had previously viewed I don't think this is the issue. Any ideas please?
Oor_Wee_Wullie Hi - did this issue get resolved? If not, please message me. Thanks - James
One of my images has been starred but I get a message saying invalid image ID, whats that about
@gobokinetic Hi - do you have a link to the image exhibiting this behaviour?
James Dunno if it's related but I had a message yesterday saying an image had been starred but it never appeared in the banner so far as I can tell. This is the link:
Hiya have emailed you. How do I cancel my subscription?
Just started on googledrive any idea why my images email to me ok but not to the model? thanks Chris..
ChrisR You'd need to contact Google Drive for Google Drive issues.
James ok thanks ,best wishes.
James when are photos not eligible for photo of the week?
Wallis The Image of the Week competition is open for voting from Wednesday midday to Sunday midday. It is open for entries between Sunday and Wednesday.
Hi..Love this site..but can you tell me why my header pics are not showing.

Kind regards

Legs and Heels

Hi - because one or more of the images in your header pictures contains nudity, the header pictures will only display when the safe mode is off.

If you're browsing with safe mode on, which it sounds like you are, you cannot see your header pictures.

Having trouble E mailing or upload pics, they see to rotate what am I doing wrong. Malcolm
Hi , I am having problems of the HACKER kind ... how do i change my log in password... John
Arttypix Hi John - you can do that by going to You > Your control panel > Options > Security Options

You can also manage your log in sessions there, and kill any unrecognised sessions.

MadcowModels Manager

Help please!...not getting any messages from this site to my email..i have to log in here to get my messages and often miss do i enable emails please.

Kind regards,

Hi James , how do i change me email address ?
Hi James, I have a shoot today with a newish model & pulled out the current model release form I am using it's USA based & very Corporate in manor & wonder if you might consider putting together a simple release form as a pdf for download , I think this could be helpful to new members & thicko's like me
edit history · 2014-03-06Report
I seem to have lost my headers they are selected (4 of them)
Gazzabristol If you have the safe mode on, and any of the header images contain nudity, then the header is hidden.
James That was easy!! Sorry:)
Thanks James I wanted to put a photo from my portfolio onto the line at the top of the profile page? sorry and thanks Chris..
ChrisR Ah ok sure - go to You > Your control panel > Photo Manager > Click through to the image > Choose a position for it on the "Header Position" drop down :)

James Sorted now! thanks very much..Chris..
How do you add or delete an image re, the main profile page? thanks Chris..
ChrisR Hi Chris,

If the photo you wish to change to your profile photo is uploaded already, you can change it to that by going to You > Your control panel> Photo Manager > Click through to the image > check "Make this my profile photo" > Click update

If the photo hasn't been uploaded, go to You > Upload Photo > When uploading the photo make sure you check "Make this my profile photo"

Hi James, am I able to my username, if so, how?
@Studio+Hire+Nottingham Yeah sure - I'll contact you.
Thanks for that. Duh! Not that I would do that James lol.
I put in a picture to this week's competition but it does not ahave a VOTE FOR THIS IMAGE label. It probably would not win anyway but seems a shame that no one can vote for it.
Iconic_Images The "Vote for this image" label does not appear on your own images, as you cannot vote for your own images. Everyone else can see the vote for this image label.
I may be being completely daft, but I can't seem to access a shared folder which was recently updated. I followed the link from the email. I'm a Top Member...

True x
@True Hi True, I'll contact you directly for more info.

How do you enter the contrast competition?
@glamourousbabe Hi - the contrast competition is closed for entries, and open for voting. No more images may be added to the competition.
Someone wants to buy some of my pics how do I get a usage agreement form to send to the person
Why is it not letting me upload any pictures I go right through the process click upload and the page refreshes and says oops something went wrong ! What am I doin wrong !
jademarieessex Hi - I'll message you for more info.

How do you submit a picture into the picture or day or week comp?
@glamourousbabe Hi - it looks like you've just managed to enter an image into the theme competition. At the moment the Image of the Week competition isn't open for entries as it is currently open for voting.
Once that competition ends, a new one starts on Sunday at midday, which you can enter in two ways:
If you're uploading a new photo, there will be a "Image of the Week" checkbox on the upload page
If you're entering an image already uploaded, there will be a "Image of the week" checkbox on the edit image page of your Photo Manager.
Hi James every image I comment on is being added to my like list can you help please.
@amcamman Hi - Ok sure, I'll contact you for more info.
I moved to Glasgow but on searches the description still says "341 miles from you" as if |I was still in England. Where do I enter a new postcode?
FlyingSnake Hi - you change that by going to You > your control panel > options

Hi , how do i change my profile name on here , i changed my name by deed poll and i not sure how to change it
PeteRead liked this 2013-09-08Report
@Georgie Hi - contact me with what you'd like your username changed to, and I'll swap it over.

What do I press to give a model feedback.
Iconic_Images Hi - you can give a member feedback by going to their profile, clicking the Feedback tab at the top of the page, and then at the bottom of the Feedback page is a "Add Feedback" form.
Has topless got to be marked as nude.
@amcamman Hi - yeah any images which contain nudity must be marked as nude. Nudity is defined as visible nipple(s) and/or pubic area.
Hello James, Am i able to change my user name on here? If so, how can i do this please? Thanks.
How can I change my avatar from a black box to a photo of myself? I have tried checking the 'make profile picture' box next to a photo and dragging the thumbnail but still shows as a black box?
Despite me setting up the thumbnail on my pictures, they never work, also never able to do a batch upload
Hi James, can you give me the optimum settings for uploading images so there is no loss in quality or colours....does your uploader compress large images
@BO At the moment this option isn't in place. They're currently ordered by the A-vs-B rankings. You can reorder how they appear on the Photos page, in your Photo Manager

Lucky13 If the image is over 1000px on the longest side, it will be resized and saved at 100% quality.
For best results, I would advise resizing and uploading them under 1000px on the longest side.

Hi - sorry if I appear stupid haha. How can I shuffle my images around on the My Profile page. I have changed the cover page and I am wanting to swap the other pics round so as they show on my profile page. x
Ok thanks James a pitty in this case she is lovely.
Hi Peter,

Members can disable having comments posted on their images if they wish.

Hi James the images posted today by Newton 88 do not seem to have a comment bar on them unless its my browswer. Peter
Help please, did a shoot but had a video card in camera,,images ok in my laptop,not in models,(on disc)something about files? thanks Chris..
Hi ChrisR - I'll message you.

James sorry I realised after I had out it down to age "ops" Thanks for your help.
Hi Barry, you've replied to quite a few:

I believe its the Coffin thread that you're being notified about.

You can unsave it here:

Well I'm at a complete loss I have never replied to a thread and have no idea how to:::: You can unsave/unstar a thread at the bottom right of the page - just next to the reply box.

Hi James I keep getting on my you page a thread I have saved but as far as I'm aware I have never saved a thread so why am I getting this appearing ?
Photo Baz - A thread is Saved/Starred when you reply to it. If you look through the thread, have you posted on it at all?

You can unsave/unstar a thread at the bottom right of the page - just next to the reply box.

How do i change my profile name?
@KinkyKim Hi - message me with the new username you'd like, and I'll get that swapped for you.

How do I change my profile photo ?
Speedway If the image you want as your profile photo is already uploaded, you can make it your profile photo by going to You > Your control panel > Photo manager > Click the thumbnail of the image > click "Make this my profile photo" > Click "Update

If the image is not yet uploaded, on the upload form, there is a "Make this my profile photo" checkbox.

OK - I've saved a number of models in my area - how do I bring them back up again?
paulkd44 You can view your Saved Members by going to You > Your control panel > Saved Members
On that page you can click their thumbnail to view things such as their latest activity, a list of their castings, add notes that only you yourself can see, organise them into lists and more.
Any ideas why I cannot upload some photos into a shared folder? First shoot so new to this , probably me being dumb. Been on the page and clicked add photo but nothing seem to happen?
steve9113 I'll message you directly to try and diagnose the problem.

@amcamman - yeah sure, go to You > Your control panel > Photo Manager > click an image to edit it > In the model section, start writing her username and it should suggest it > Click Update.

Thank you James. Can I add tags to previously posted pictures of a model I sent a request to join and now has. I have credited the Pics but don't know how to addd tags.Thanks
Thanks James.
@amcamman - the Spell Checker is now back in place :)
@robincarriephotography - not at the moment, but a comments section with a chronological list of the comments you've left and received is something I'm interested in adding.

Can I view comments I've left on other images?
Ok ta James I will just have to watch my P's & Q's
It's been disabled whilst I look into slowness it may have been causing.

Where did the spell checker go? boy do I need it.
@amcamman - Ok sure, I'll PM you.
Hi James I have tried to change my Town to Carlisle but the site will not let me.Can you help please.
Hi there , how is it I do something like letting everyone know I will be away for a few weeks?
Can you unblock someone
@kosmic_kitty - Go to "Your control panel" > "Castings" > Click Edit next to the casting you wish to delete > Scroll down and click "Delete casting"

@jamila_stone - please contact me with the name you'd like it changed to.

How do I remove a casting?
milf50 liked this 2013-01-27Report
Could you change my name on this please?
If you'd like to change your username, let me know what you'd like it changed to and I'll sort that out for you.

Hi do i change my alias name please
Hi, is it possible to change the nickname used on the website. It is no longer appropriate and I eally do not want to have to set up a completely new profile etc. Happy Christmas.
Id like to apply for some modeling work please
Hi i was contacted 3 years ago by claire davis for a catalogue shoot im still interested can anybody help get me in touch with her again please
Hi Jackass - sorry, I didn't see the previous comment(s). Images for the "Latest Images" section do not appear automatically, instead, a few images are chosen every hour. It allows us to give a bit more exposure to images by giving them longer on the home page whilst showing less from a set, so that the home page isn't covered in a single set.

@james_woodley - A member will automatically receive a message notification via email 3 days, 7 days and 14 days after receiving a message.

Sexypics_Dev - there is a "delete" link at the bottom of the Edit Castings page

@Kosmic_Kitty - not at this stage, I'm looking at the idea of adding a multi/batch uploader soon.

Raven_Nyx - you can block a member by going to their profile, and clicking "Block (member name)" at the bottom right of their profile. If their messages are unprofessional or inappropriate, please do report the member and we will look into it.

Gemmacullen - Apologies for taking a while so this may well be out of date information to you now. The response rate is recalculated every time you send or read a message and when you are sent a message or one of your messages is read. Sometimes the response rate may lag to update, so if it appears incorrect for a long period of time (an hour or more) please feel free to contact me via my profile and I can have it recalculated.

James, just uploaded 3 images but there's no notification on the Recently Uploaded or Latest Pics. Is that cos it's my own Home Page? With the old setup I used to appear OK
I still don't seem to be getting my image to appear on Latest Pictures Bar on the Home page. T'ain't a nude so y4 is this?
James, I have sent a message to Amyford7 which she has not read. Would it be possible (for you) to send her a note requesting she looks at her messages, Thanks Jim Woodley
I can edit my old casting, but can't find a way to delete them. Could you please advise. Thanks
Is it possible to upload more than one photo at once?
Can you block members on here from contacting you? Getting some disgusting emails.
Is there a problem with the message response rate. This is the 3rd time it's dropped to 94% for no reason. I respond to all my messages quickly
Hi @CJKPhotography - you can create member lists by going to:
And then clicking "Create a list" at the top of the menu on the left.

You can then assign people to that list by clicking on their thumbnail on the Saved Members list, and then clicking "Change List" underneath their profile photo on the popup box.

When you save members, an "Add to list" link will appear, allowing you to categorise them to a list.

davidhunt - you can change your email preferences in the "Options" tab of Your control panel.

Hey James, How do I create a LIST of people Id like to work with?
Hi James,
I log in frequently to check emails etc so I don't need email notification to my email address that someone has left me a message (email) on the Madcow website. How do I turn this option off?
Many thanks,
Hi, Go to "Your control panel" and click the "Upload Photo" tab link, or, click here:
How do i put photo on
Why do i after to keep sinzing in
Hi carmenleon - if someone has commented on any of your photos, you'll receive an email and there will be a notification on "Your control panel" ( )

The notification and email will both have a link you can click to see the comment on the photo,

Tehe madness
Hiya peeps how can i look at my comments on my -pics xx
HarryC liked this 2012-04-30Report
Im new on the site and i dont know how to chane or upload more pics..???????? xx

You can edit your profile by clicking the "control panel" link at the top of the page, and then click "update profile" or "options.
How do you edit your profile trying to change my details and cant help please x
PeteRead liked this 2012-02-18Report
Thank You
To delete a photo,
Go to yor control panel
Click "Photo Manager"
Click the photo you wish to delete
Click the "Delete this photo" link.
shahida liked this 2011-12-25Report
How do i delt my pic?